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 Scanlation FAQs & Disclaimer

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Scanlation FAQs & Disclaimer Empty
PostSubject: Scanlation FAQs & Disclaimer   Scanlation FAQs & Disclaimer EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 10:12 pm


How can I download your latest release?
one way.
- In the release Section of the forum.
- But you must be a member to view this section.

Can I host your releases on soandso site?
The simple answer is yes.
- Leave all our credits intact and unchanged.
- Same goes to the scans themselves, no changing them.
- You must abide by the waiting period of 1 DAY.
- If it's a site other than a online reader, send me an email or PM with the details.

Can I retranslate your scanlations into another language?
Probably yes.
- You can send me an email or PM with your request.
- You must have a link to our site somewhere on your website or forum.
- You must keep our credits intact.
- And you may not edit our scans in any way.

Are you willing to do a joint project?
Again, probably yes.
- Contact me through email or PM about the joint project.
- I would prefer if you have either an Editor or Translator on your side.

When will the next release of soandso be?
DO NOT ASK ME OR ANYONE THIS QUESTION. We are trying our best to get you the next chapter, but asking this question just annoys me and I will most likely delay the release or blow up on you. I don't think you want that x)

If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me (bakaboo) or shoot us an email at: konnichiwascans@gmail.com


Konnichiwa Scans does not have any rights to the mangas we scanlate. We are purely a fan-based group that provides unlicensed manga to fan girls and boys across the world. We will cease scanlation immediately if any of our projects become licensed (in the US). Please do not take any of our projects, works, or images with our name on it and claim it as your own. And remember to support the mangakas by buying their volumes as soon as they are available in your country.
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Scanlation FAQs & Disclaimer
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