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 Raw Prepping Test

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Raw Prepping Test Empty
PostSubject: Raw Prepping Test   Raw Prepping Test EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 3:46 pm

First off, you need to fill this out :3 You don't have to tell us your age if you don't want to. Other than that, everything else is required.
Time you are usually online:
Experience (leave blank if none):

Raw Preppers are required to:
-Separate the chapter scans into two pages
-crop the scans down to size
-pre-level the scans
-Basically prep the chapter for the Cleaners & Editors

Raw Prepping Test
Here's Photoshop cs5 if you don't already have it, this version doesn't require a code as its a portable version~

-A Raw Prepper's Deadline is usually 1 week per chapter, I will be more lenient depending on the condition of the scans

->When you're finished. Just post a new topic with your test & the required info in the Recruitment section~


Raw Prepping Test Adancingir~Dancin' Girs Give Me Motivation~Raw Prepping Test Adancingir
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Raw Prepping Test
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