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 Staff of Konnichiwa Scans

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Master Chief
Master Chief

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PostSubject: Staff of Konnichiwa Scans   Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:51 am



Founder, Administrator, Editor, Proofreader, Quality Checker, Scanner, Raw Provider, and Certified Otaku.
Age: 19
Location: Pacific Northwest
Nationality: American & Irish
Scanlations: Konnichiwa Scans // Eclipse // Simple Scans // Eternal Heart
Other Names I Go By: Boondoggle // Wishs // Momo
Likes: video games, hats, fight club, ufc, pocky, music, ninjas, converse, pop rocks, and my "quiet time."
Dislikes: almond joys, justin beaver, twilight, and not having my personal space...
Favorite Quote: "Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway." ~ANON



Translator (Japanese)
Age: 17
Location: Paris
Nationality: French
Scanlations: Konnichiwa Scans
Likes: sweets, daydreaming
Dislikes: umbrellas, hot weather, getting up early
Favorite Quote: "As strawberry tastes like strawberry, Life tastes like Happiness" , Alain



Editor, IRC Tech
Age: 26
Location: Southern Colorado, US
Nationality/Race: American (Germanish)
Scanlations: Konnichiwa Scans
Likes: Music that doesn't suck, good food, free time, hiking, starry nights at 4am
Dislikes: Most American TV, idiots, not having enough time in the day, shaded dialog boxes
Favorite Quote: A signature always reveals a man's character - and sometimes even his name. ~Evan Esar


Age: Unknown
Location: london, uk
Nationality/Race: Italian
Scanlations: Konnichiwa Scans // pink peach group
Likes: Manga
Dislikes: Bad Weather
Favorite Quote: Unknown



Age: 15
Location: SoCal, US
Nationality: Chinese
Scanlations: Konnichiwa scans // Sherbet Lemon
Likes: long naps // drawing // decorating
Dislikes: schoolwork // hard to open containers
Favorite Quote: "you would be the rock in the middle of the trail that no one can see and they would trip over you and go 'FFFFFUUUUUUU' and then you would secretly go 'heh heh heh' xD" - cindy trieu

Age: 20
Location: USA(san antonio)
Nationality: American
Scanlations: Konnichiwa scans
Likes: Seinan manga, fighting games, and decent artwork not involving vocaloid/tohou.
Dislikes: Shonen, Moe, and shoujo manga/anime.
Favorite Quote: Reality is a Lie (me)

~Hopefully Other Staff to Come Soon~
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Staff of Konnichiwa Scans
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