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 New Release~! & whatnot Updates

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New Release~! & whatnot Updates Empty
PostSubject: New Release~! & whatnot Updates   New Release~! & whatnot Updates EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 8:42 pm

Hello All New Release~! & whatnot Updates 183775
We have a release offffff Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi!
New Release~! & whatnot Updates 2rdjafa
i know we haven't released in... well lets not talk about that >.> aha
but we should be releasing a bit more now :D
Moving on, this is a joint with Eternal Heart I just love the founder over there, she's such a sweet heart <3~
You can download the chapter in the Release Section~
(you must be a member to do so >.<)
& we desperately need cleaners at the moment New Release~! & whatnot Updates 150438
i can't do the work that we have with 2 editors and myself... impossible!!
so if you lovelies would like to join, i would love you fo-e-ver New Release~! & whatnot Updates 295150
Translators are always welcome as well~
&& we shall be having a double, yes i said double xD, release of something i've been soooooo excited to see scanlated very soon (hopefully)
Til then tata~


New Release~! & whatnot Updates Adancingir~Dancin' Girs Give Me Motivation~New Release~! & whatnot Updates Adancingir
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New Release~! & whatnot Updates
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