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 Typesetting Test

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PostSubject: Typesetting Test   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:35 pm

First off, you need to fill this out :3 You don't have to tell us your age if you don't want to. Other than that, everything else is required.
Time you are usually online:
Experience (leave blank if none):

Please tell me about your Typsetting skills. Have you ever been a typesetter before? Are you currently in any groups? Do you use Photoshop, GIMP, or some other program? How much time are you willing to put in? Do you have a certain project you would like to Typeset? Just tell me any info you think I need to know about your Typsetting abilities and yourself.

Typesetters are required to:
-Typeset the script, that's a duh. (Includes: SFXs, Fixing any grammer/spelling mistakes & making the text smooth and centered.)
-Rarely will you have to level or clean, only if the cleaner has missed something in your chapter.

Typesetting Test
Here's Photoshop cs5 if you don't already have it, this version doesn't require a code as its a portable version~

-A Typesetter's Deadline is usually 1 week (or less) per chapter, I will be more lenient depending on the size, amount of text, ect.

->When you're finished. Just post a new topic with your test & the required info in the Recruitment section~


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PostSubject: Re: Typesetting Test   Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:46 am

I can't post external links because I am a newbie so i sent you an email instead. I hope you don't mind ..

Name/Username: iheart.anime

Age: 17

Location: Philippines

Timezone: GMT +8:00

Time you are usually online: As of now, I am always online because I stopped schooling. But I plan to continue next semester. Eventhough that's the case, I am still willing to devote my free time with the scans .. of course after I've done my school works .. :)

Experience (leave blank if none):


I can't post the links to my sample typeset!! waaaahh !!!!!!!!!!1
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Typesetting Test
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